Car recalls


Two questions:

1) I just bought a used 1996 Ford Contour for my daughter. How do I know if all of the recall work has been performed if the used car dealer had no clue and there is no service history. I found a website that lists all of the recalls (www.intern…, so I know what should have been done, assuming this car was affected.

2) If I can find out the above, and then find out that not all of the recalls have been done, is Ford still liable to fix it after all this time? I mean, we’re talking about an 11 year old car!



[b]The dealer should be able to tell you if the recall work was done by giving them the VIN.

Recalls follow vehicles for their entire life as long as it’s on the road. For example, the wife’s 1991 Cherokee had an ABS pump failure. This part was covered under a recall that was issued back in 1994. The dealer installed an entirely new ABS pump assembly at no charge. That’s when we discovered that the ABS pump had been replaced once before when it was owned by the previous owner. And we were told that if the ABS pump fails again, bring it in and they’ll replace it again for free.



To clarify what Tester said, a Ford dealer can check to see if your car has been brought up to date with recalls by entering the VIN into his computer system. The used car dealer from whom you bought the car cannot do this.


No need to call a dealership. Contact directly Ford regional headquarters, customer service. Have your VIN handy.

Ford will advise you on any outstanding recalls as well as whether they will be repaired at Ford’s expense.