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Rebuilt Engine for 4Runner or New Car

My beloved '97 4Runner (manual 2.7L 4-cyl) has blown a head gasket. I’ve been told it will be a minimum of $1700 to fix plus more if there is damage to the engine. They (dealer) also said I could get a rebuilt engine for $4500. To date the 4Runner has performed like a workhorse with over 340,000 miles and no major mechanical problems.

Should I get the rebuilt engine assuming it will be good for 4-5 more years or just get a new car (which would likely be a Prius)?

A engine that is truly “rebuilt” will give much more service than 5 years

Your concern (if you get a rebuilt engine) should be with the rest of the 4Runner

This is a job for a independant, not the Dealer, re-diagnosis and re-price the job.

If a 4Runner fit you so good you kept it for 340,000 miles I can’t see how a Prius would also fit

The Prius is best used for city, stop and go driving.

I agree that you should get a price fixing it at an independent garage. You might also say that you want a price on a rebuilt engine from them. What about the transmission? This might be a good time to get the transmission rebuilt, too.

I actually commute about 500 miles each week and while 24 mpg is great for the 4Runner, 43 mpg in a Prius would be much better. I do hate to give up the roominess and utility of the SUV though.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll definitely get a price from an independent shop.