94 toyota 4runner


I’m looking into a 94 4runner but have found out they are prone to blown head gaskets which could lead to crankshaft problems,incidently this one has had the crank replaced but still has excessive crankcase pressure and idles rough like it’s missing a cylinder,does anyone know about this? and is it worth 500-1000$ just to sink 2000$ in a new engine?


Head gasket leaks are one thing. Crankshaft problems are something else. It sounds to me like the vehicle you are looking at is one to walk away from.


I too would run away from this one. Any damage that would require a crank replacement would, in my opinion, require a total rebuild as a minimum. Cranks only get trashed by loss of lubrication. The fact that it’s still not running right suggests that there’s still serious internal damage caused by that lack of lubrication.


How much does a 4Runner in good shape go for in the area you are in? I bought a 92 for $2900 with the same problem and fixed it myself for about $700. An identical one with no engine problems was selling for $6000 at the time. If the head gasket is blown (probably is on either the #4 or #6 cylinder) and the coolant and oil are not mixing then I would not worry about the crankshaft.