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Is It Worth the money

Hi, I’m interested in purchasing a 1986 Toyota 4Runner (First Generation). I found one that I’m very interested in. BUT the owner is asking $4300. For a 24 year old vehicle with 193,000 miles, I feel that that is way too expensive. BUT, the body is in great shape; zero rust, great paint, and only a small dent under the driver door. Also, the engine was rebuilt 40,000 miles ago, along with the head gasket,oil pan gasket, intake and exhaust gaskets being replaced. The interior upholstery was also replaced. Is this a good deal? I know that I could get a newer 4runner for that price, but I love the older 1st Generations… Any advice?


Stop being in “love” with this vehicle and be realistic.

A 24-year-old 4Runner with 193K miles? Yes, it’s WAY too expensive.

For all practical reasons, the vehicle is almost new. I just drove an '87 4Runer with 346,000 miles on it, and it drove great. I could have purchased it and did the same renovations to it and come out with the same price if not more. I’m sorry, but I am in “love” with this vehicle.

Your rationalizing. It is not almost new. A few months of driving it will reveal age in many other areas other than the engine. Transmission, drivetrain, suspension, all have 193,000 mileson them, and 24 years of aging. A quick check on-line for comparable pricing shows this is worth no more than $1,500 in excellent condition. If you wish to donate $2,800 to the seller, feel free.

I agree with the others that this 4Runner is way overpriced. Sleep on it for a few nights and think about it.

As a vehicle, it’s not worth it. If you want it as a hobby, have at it. Just check the market, see if others are available at a better price.

Way too much for an aged, high miles vehicle.
The term “rebuilt engine” can mean any one of a dozen different things but there is only one correct version. Without paperwork detailing all of the parts involved and machine work involved take that word “rebuilt” with a grain or twelve of salt.

I’ve seen more than a few vehicles advertised as having a rebuilt engine when in reality the only thing that had been done was a head gasket replacement or a quick engine in car bearing and ring job, etc. Many of these people were not trying to perpetrate any fraud; they were simply ignorant of the process and assumed that any engine work at all was defined as a new engine in its entirety.

And where is the transmission in all of this; along with suspension components, other driveline parts, and whatnot?

Some people spend that much for an antique watch.
I say go for it.
Just realize that it’s a collectors item, not an economically sensible means of transportation.

I saw a 1977 Celica go for over $6k on eBay a few months ago. I was offered $4000 for my 1979 Celica. You’re paying for the fact that there are few of these cars available. I have a 1970 Chevelle with rust all over (unlike my pristine Celica) and I was offered $3200 for the Chevelle.

No way, not worth the asking price. The nearest I could get on was a 1990 model and that gave a dealer sale price of $1,600 for VG condition with lots of options. Private sale was about $800.

The seller is not going to get $4,300 for this car, he is in dreamland. Problem is so are you. If you really want it you can pay whatever you want. The value of the car is what someone will pay for it. Me, I’d pay about $1,000 for it.

Most 24 year old cars drift toward $1000-$1500 in good running condition. Agree, 4Runners were well built vehicles, but the rubber and steel was no better than in many other good cars. Offer $1500 take it or leave it. The fact that it has a rebuilt engine (at 153,000 miles) and now only 193,000 miles on it is proof of past neglect by mosty likely the first owner.

Most seller of good vehicles overestimate what they are really worth.