Replacing damaged rear wiper

The rear wiper is missing from the back of the car. It still works though. It looks like someone tried to remove it with a wrench or pliers - the plastic and metal are chewed up.

Question: that metal ring down the bolt is left-over from the previous wiper, right? I have a replacement and it has a similar metal ring built into it.

The problem is that I can’t seem to pull it off. Rusted in place? Not sure what to do to get it off.

Use a dremel tool with a metal cutting wheel.Cut along the lenght of the bushing then use a flat screw driver to pry it off.

Before you start cutting test fit your new wiper to be sure that the piece isn’t necessary.

That may be the male fitting that goes into the female fitting on the blade

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The wiper motor needs to be replaced.

Whoever chewed up the wiper motor shaft destroyed the splines for the wiper arm. So the wiper arm isn’t going to be locked onto the shaft.

Here’s what the wiper arm splines look like.




I’ve got to fully agree with Tester. The shaft on the motor is now shot so have to replace the motor. Probably what happened in the first place is the wiper blade was stuck due to snow or ice and sheared the splines, then it all went downhill from there.


Every time I’ve seen the wipers freeze, and they turn the wipers on, the splines in the wiper arm strips out instead of the splines on the wiper motor shaft.

They make the wiper arms out of aluminum and motor shaft out of steel so when that happens, the wiper arm is damaged and not the motor.


Whoever chewed up the wiper motor shaft destroyed the splines for the wiper arm.

It also look’s like the thread’s are boogered up like someone hit the end of the shaft with a hammer.

The plastic gasket is also shot.