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Rear wheel scratch sound when braking


I have had a scratch in my right rear wheel for two months now, …an independent-Honda only shop has had it 3 times… getting frustrated though they are trying…when it gets ready to stop when brake pressure is applied- steady rhythmic scratch- not constant but steady as the wheel turns scratches consistently-- maybe it is happening when it goes fast but I just can’t hear it??? In or out of gear—Anyway here is what has been tried–

I have a 1990 Honda Accord-5 speed- 2.2 l --4 cylinder-no a/c- 170,000miles— has had regular maintanence- recently had water pump, timing belt,eng balancer, radiator, front rotors and new front brakes,

1They have replaced pads

2They have turned drums to smooth out interior surfaces

3They replaced the struts in back(which had never been replaced previously @ $200 a wheel)-saying it works with the brake system to cushion everything as brakes are applied

4They have relubricated everything

5They even switched wheels

I was wondering if there is anything else I could possibly try ?? Thanks, John Boy

Is it only when the pressure is light, just as you hit the brakes, but goes away when you apply more pressure? Sounds like the drum isn’t quite round, and something is rubbing the high spots early.

Do you know if your drums are ever-so-slightly rubbing against the backing plate?
That would cause a rhythmic scratching noise.

I had the exact same problem on a plymouth sundance with rear drum brakes. The noise was caused by the brake shoe hold down cup ( the part that holds the spring against the shoe)hitting the inside surface of the drum.

Typically a bad wheel bearing will act opposite from your description; when the brakes are applied the scratching noise will dissapear. so in my mind this would eliminate a bad wheel bearing.

on a super simple thought, the brake rotor has a thin metal ‘cover guard’ which is intended to keep rock and debris out of the rotor, and pads. it is not unheard of to have these get bent or get rusty and deflect with age. have the shop double check the inside of this metal guard for evidence of ’ FRESH’ scraping. sometimes when stopping the rotor will deform just enough to brush the guard, but when you are turning the wheel by hand there is no sound because the force of the deflecting rotor is absent. The guard may need to be bent (adjusted) just a little more to keep it from rubbing while braking.

Thanks for your reply…I take it back tomorrow and will let you know…

Thanks for your reply…I take it back tomorrow and will let you know…

Thanks for your reply…I will let you know as I take it back tomorrow…

Thanks for your reply…I will let you know as I take it back tomorrow…

I had a similar problem with drum brakes on my plymouth sundance. The problem was that the brake shoe retainers (The pins and springs that hold the shoe on) were a little too long. The spring and retainer clip was scraping the inside of the drum.