Noise on the rear brakes no body knows what it is O_o


hello everyone.

I have a toyota echo 2001 and recently i got the shoes and pads replaced with brand new toyota parts also the disc and the drums where resurfaced its been 10-20 days since that and i notice that when you apply steady medium to hard pressure to the pedal the rear makes a click click noise sync with the speed of the car i got this problem last time i got the brakes replaced 8 months ago and i have been dealing with that noise over that time problem was that last time i used After market shoes and pads and the drums and pads where not resurfaced this time the mechanic suggest original parts and the the resurfacing job and he assure me that the problem will be gone i ask for a second opinion about this and they mention to me that the rear wheel bearings are gone /however the mechainc that replaced the brakes check on them and say they are fine i dont know who to believe every mechanic i ask gives a different opinion and i end up paying for diagnostic and parts and problem still not solve .

thanks a lot for your support


Car doesnt have ABS system by the way and the tires are 16 months old dunlop tires balanced at the time of brake replacement 10-20 days ago


i had a similar problem with my car.

the inner debris shield had been bent in, just slightly, so the rotor would make a scrape in synch with the revolutions of the wheel. the funny thing, this only happened while braking. it seems the rotors deflect just a little bit (enough to contact) when braking, but under normal running they didn’t make contact.

i found out quite by accident, after getting $%^& from the wife for the noisy brake job i did. i disassembled the wheel, and upon removal of the rotor, noticed a shiny area on the inside of the shield.

not a lot of contact, but just enough to be annoying. once i smacked the shield back into a round again, noise gone.

i would agree that wheel bearings make similar noise BUT, they usually quiet down upon braking. you sound like you are having the opposite symptoms.


i bet that will be the problem in case that i have disc on the back , damm old drums arghh


same issue with drums too. rotors have the same groove, lip between the ebrake portion of the rotor.

the shield has a groove which mates with the back of the drum. it works the same way. incidentally, the whole purpose of this groove, and mating lip in the drum is to keep out road debris from getting into the inside of the brake shoes and pads. on a car with rear rotors, the e brake is kept clear of debris too.