Rear view mirror discoloration

I have a 2003 Acura MDX in great condition. This morning I got in the car and the rear view mirror looked strange. The bottom half of it was dim and the upper half was normal. At night, the mirror automatically dims. Now, it looks like the mirror is trying to dim, but there is a “bubble” of normal mirror in the top half. It appears that there is some fluid that might be in between the glass in the rear view mirror. I’m wondering if this is a problem that I need to address right away. I can see things in the rear view mirror fine, it is just inconvenient. Do I need to replace my mirror?

"Do I need to replace my mirror? "


I’d replace it with a “standard issue” type mirror…Forget the “automatic” feature. You are lucky it lasted this long…

I had tho replace the mirrors on my in-laws Buick. You can find replacement units or just the mirror glass.

The membrane that contains the chemical the causes the mirror to dim has ruptured.

I would suggest that you place an old towel below the mirror to protect the dash/console until the mirror is replaced. Because that chemical will damage any plastic/vinyl it comes in contact with.