Acura 1999 TL rear view mirror

My car was in for a safety inspection in Aug on a very hot day. When the mechanic was finished he parked my car in their outside parking lot. It sat with windows up in the sun. I wasn’t able to pick up my car for several hours. That evening I noticed that my rear view mirror was cracked and the night time dimming feature no longer works. I’ve read messages on line that this was a problem with Acura rear view mirrors during the early 90’s. Many talk about the electronic fluid encased in the mirror will eat through the plastic or possible can explode the mirror casing and the liquid will spill out if the mirror is cracked. Has anyone experienced this problem? I’ve tried contacting the manufacturer of the mirror but they haven’t responded to my request. I can buy a new Honda replacement mirror on line for $100. Is there an alternative mirror, even one that I can manually adjust for night that would be a good replacement?

You should be able to find a generic replacement manual rear-view mirror at almost any parts store, complete with install instructions an glue. Have a look around, or ask the guy behind the counter. Easy stuff.