Rear shocks mounted upside down

I noticed that my rear shocks appear to be mounted upside down. I went to the tire center that installed them and they said they could be installed in any direction. I did a little research and it seems that monotube’s can be installed any direction but twin tubes should not be.

I’m just looking for professional confirmation before confronting tire shop.

Can they be damaged by installing upside down? Should they be replaced or merely reinstalled correctly? Thanks!

1999 Nissan PathFinder

Here’s what it says about mounting shocks upside down.


Upside down?
Unless your shocks are specifically designed to be mounted upside down or designed to be mounted in either direction, please follow the rule stated above for dual shocks. As a rule, dual tube shocks should never be mounted upside down. Some people say that monotube or gas pressurize shocks can be mounted upside down, however in time they will develop and extra inch or more of piston travel that has little to no dampening effect whatsoever. Ultimately: don?t mount shocks upside down just because it looks cool. Sometimes a shock must be mounted upside down due to space limitations, or to protect the shock body, if this is the case, make sure you use a shock designed to be mounted upside down.

Tester, you link tells where and what angle to place your shocks. Heck I put mine where the old ones are. The rear shocks on my van have a sleeve over them that would hold water and/or dirt if uupside down, not a good idea!! BTW if a shock was designed to go upside down it would be rightside up HU?

If you want them right side up go back and instruct them to do so, you are the customer who paid for their service. If they know anything about customer service they should correct the error. I bet if you asked them if your new shocks are mono or twin tube they would not know, therefore they best change them.