Bad quality shock mount affects ride quality?

Hello everyone

It?s been a long time since I post a question over the forum, however today I have a question.


I replace the shock mounts for my car around 6 months ago I was forced to use a NO NAME set of shock mounts as I was not able to find branded or quality shock mounts where I am however since 2 months ago I am not pleased with my car riding I feel it very uncomfortable , I feel like the car suspension is hard and whenever I go into a pothole or a damp I can feel that the car doesn?t absorb the shock as I like to , is my getting older or I am in the impression that I get tired of driven a 20 miles trip with this suspension layout…

the shocks on my car are KYB and they are around 10K on it, the rear struts and mounts are new as well and I replaced them with Toyota parts 3 months ago also.

at this point I am about to purchase the Toyota shock mounts and wait for 1 month until I received them but any other suggestions here could be helpful

Pd. I know my car is not the most comfortable one but is not a bike either.


With worn out shocks you typically get a very soft ride. You replace them and get it back to what was from near the factory and it feels stiff/uncomfortable. Your replacement shocks may be stiffer than factory or the same. I seriously doubt the shock mount makes any difference.

Sort of like an old couch vs new one. Old one is well worn in and feels softer. New one is stiffer.

Where do you live that it takes a month to get parts from your Toyota dealer? Mounts will not effect ride quality, they keep metal from touching metal and hold the shocks firmly in place. With worn mounts you’d be hearing clunking sounds as you passed over bumps. Worn mounts can also cause improper tire wear as your camber and caster would always be bouncing around.

i live in El Salvador Central America, and it take a month for the parts to come as i purchase from USA to ESA
the dealer here inflates the prices of everything like 4-5 times example the brake pads cost me $37 if purchased in the US but purchased locally they cost $150
going back to the point , i was suspecting the no name branded mounts to be the cause of the problem thinking that maybe the rubber is too hard but based on your suggestions maybe is just my imagination or the streets are damaged to much from the winter and they feel like a rollercoaster

Did you replace the mounts because you were replacing the shocks (struts, actually)?

If so, then that will cause a firmer ride over bad roads.

yesterday i made a visual inspection on the mounts by opening the hood and removing the plastic cap and i found that the strut was not straight it was like in a 45 degree angle, i take the car to the mechanic and guess what the actual bearings of the mounts where completly destroyed and all was left was some pieces of metal , i dont know how come i didnt feel anything wrong besides the hard suspension… now i have a dilema… install another set of no name mounts ( the only ones available for sale here) or wait a month for a OEM replacement set , for obvius reasons i cannot drive the car like that… even do the mechanic told me to install another type of “no name mounts” i realy doubt that i can trust on them … i dont want to imagine what can happen if i am traveling at 60 mph and one of those things fail and my strut goes all the way up to the hood :S

Is the strut bent at a 45 degree angle? And the mount was destroyed? Hmm. I have never seen a bent strut but it does suggest that the driving not the equipment is the problem. I geuss it is possible that the mount failed causing the damage but what warranty does the no name mount provide?