Rear passenger foot well fills with water after every washing

2000 Seville with sun roof. Last fall my wife backed into a truck and did minor damage to the cadie, knocked the truck deck out of alignment. I never noticed before this summer, but every time I wash the car, I have to vacuum out almost a gallon of water from the passenger rear foot well. If the sun roof was out of alignment or if the truck deck leaked why would only the right rear receive the water?

I can’t resist:
Patient: Doctor, it hurts when I do this.
Doctor: Then don’t do it!

Point? Don’t take the caddy through the car wash.

I disagree!

You should have someone else drive the Caddy through the carwash while you sit in the back seat and watch where the water’s coming from.

And bail.

Do you meen TRUNK?

Is there water in the trunk, too?

I’d check the rear window seal, the door gaskets, the trunk lid gasket, the sunroof drains, and the drain holes in the rear doors.

If you’re getting that much water from each car wash, the source of the leak should not too hard to find.

How are you removing the water from the padding BENEATH the carpet?

Well it may be the trunk lid.  If it was not properly fixed it may be leaking and that can get into the back seat.

It also could be the sunroof.  It can also leak in a way that could do what you describe.  

Check the sun roof by making sure all four (there are usually four) drains (one at each corner of the sun room) are functioning.  Open the roof and you should see a drain hole at each corner.  If you pour water down the drain, water should show up under the car near that corner. If it shows up in the foot well then you know it is blocked.

Good advice. I would suspect the trunk as well. If it enters in it could travel behind the seat. Probably would not be noticed until it was accumulating on the trunk. I would be interested in knowing if rain creates the same problem. If it does not, it could simply be because of the amount of pressure the car wash applies. Then I would simply follow the previous posters advice- don’t go through the car wash. I had a similar issue with my car. I had my son spray different areas of the car and watched where the water was going. When it started to enter the car, I focused it down until I found where it was leaking. A little plumber’s putty into the crack and it hasn’t leak for a 2 years.

Thanks guys, yes if it hurts - press a little harder!

Yes, I meant the trunk lid and the hint of searching for a crack sounds great.

Pst, I’m a shrink not a proctologist. However both require that I dig into others stink.


It’s probably a plugged up drain in a rear door. Water runs down the glass and into the door. The door fills to the point it runs into the foot-well on that side. Check the door drains. The sunroof also has a drain in it’s channel. With the roof open, find it and make sure it’s clear. Trunks also have a drain channel around the edge to prevent leaks. If the trunk is dry, that’s not the problem.