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Rear Links

The service tech at the Nissan dealership says I need rear links and an alignment for $1,300 to fix the rocking motion on my Pathfinder. I have checked for a price range and cannot find the description in their list. What else could he be referring to? In addition I need Lower control arms and I am not sure what that is.

You need to find a good independent mechanic. What year Pathfinder?


Very unlikely that any 2000 year model vehicle would need new rear links or lower control arm unless it was in an accident. More likely you need new shocks or struts. Really, find a good independent mechanic and get a second opinion.

One more thing, check your tires air pressure. Try 35 psi if the values shown on the door are not working for you. Use a new or known accurate gauge. As pencil type gauges get older, they tend to get inaccurate.

Had front end accident in September, maybe bent the frame a bit?

Could that be the whole problem? I have already had stuts and shocks installed in December

Yes, that could be the whole problem if the unibody or the subframe was whomped out of square. How much damage was done?