2000 Nissan Pathfinder - rocks like a boat

Once I hit 45-50 mph my pathfinder rocks from side to side like a boat almost like it’s going to roll over and stops when I let up on the accelerator

Has any suspension work been done? Maybe you should get the bushings and shocks inspected.

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No work done on it, I wondered if it was my struts, I’m trying to do this myself as mechanics are expensive and I’m raising 3 great grandbabies all under the age of 6 and I worry about having them in the car with me, I just put out $300. buying brakes and rotors because someone thought that’s what it was and I also bought a new front and rear sway bar links, upper and lower ball joints, front inner and outer tie-rods.
My concern is putting all that into it and not knowing for sure the problem and trying to do mechanic work I’ve never done before…And thank you so much for answering me back, it’s greatly appreciated

You have spent 300.00 just because someone thought that was the problem ? That kind of action will most likely cost you more that having this dangerous problem solved . Start calling shops , explain your problem and your financial problem . You might find an understanding shop.
Frankly my personal feeling is brake work is not for beginners .

There’s a known issue with this truck…Rear control arm bushings. They wear out and need to be replaced. You can replace the control arms or just the bushings (but you’ll need a machine shop to press the bushings on. I had to replace mine on my 98 Pathfinder at about 150k miles. It’s not a bad job to do…but takes a while. The bushings cost me about $100 (but that was many years ago). The machine shop work was another $50 (again this was years ago).

If you are still driving on the original struts(20 years),no wonder your vehicule is behaving this way.

It’s rocking side to side. Would weak struts be a big factor there? They would be if it were pitching up and down, like a boat going across waves. There may be something else behind this problem.

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It’s the rear control arm bushings.

… or, it could be the anti-sway bar links.
I have seen that exact problem on both Pathfinders and Explorers, and in both cases replacing broken links resolved the problem.

I’m saying the control arm bushings because it’s a known problem with this generation of pathfinder.