No heat in the rear of my 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe

I have no heat in rear of Tahoe. Front works fine, nice and warm. The rear blower blows it’s just ice cold. I checked heater core hoses, both are hot although one is noticably hotter than the other. Coolant level is good. Found 2 fuses for HVAC and theyh seem good. I need help!! I’ve heard of the rear actuators going bad but there are no odd or strange noises anywhere in Tahoe. Any ideas appreciated

If both hoses to the rear heater core are hot the core should also be hot. You could access the core to verify.

This means the problem is probably in the airflow control, not the heater core. Actuators could be it.

If I have problems with the HVAC system in my vehicles I take them to a shop specializing in such systems. They are the experts.

If you have a service manual for your Tahoe, it probably has step-by-step diagnostic procedures, which you could follow to figure out what’s wrong.

Otherwise, take it to an expert.

The rear heat in my blazer was totally defunct, no heat, no cool, no fan, until I replaced the variable resistor for the blower motor to get fan speed 1 and 2 in the front, then everything worked in back. If it is your last option try a new one for 40 bucks! Let us know if you do it.