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Chirping/squeaking noise

I have a 2002 toyota tacoma and it recently developed a squeaking or chirping noise. The only occurs when I first start to accelerate and goes away when I get to a cruising spead, then reappears when I change to a higher gear. Seems only to occur when the engine is heavily loaded. The noise is not constant, but speeds up as the engine speeds up. Anyone heard of this issue or have any ideas what it could be? Thanks

Maybe your accessory belt, an accessory or pulley.

Belt tensioner could be a another suspect. If you can get it to do it in neutral or in drive with parking brake and wheel chucks appropriately applied working from the side of course a piece of heater hose may help pinpont it. Try it with and without the ac or defrost and see if that makes a difference. You may have a bad wheel bearing or something else if you cannot replicate the sound while not moving.

In addition to the other suggestions, the problem might be a bad U-joint in the driveshaft.

It only makes the noise when in gear and when I first start moving, once up to speed the noise goes away. It is not coming from the belt, I have checked them out already. I have looked at the U joint and don’t see anything obvious. Is there something in particular that I should be looking at on the U joint? Could it possibly be a clutch related issue?