Squeak & Vibration under Truck when accelerating... 2002 Sonoma

2002 GMC Sonoma has a high pitched squeaking sound & vibration/hesitation when accelerating from stopped. Chirp/Squeak ramps up faster & faster until 15 mph or so, then disappears. No sound or vibrating on slowing or stopping. Truck also shakes/vibrates and slightly hesitated when the gas is pressed. Only vibrates for the first 5 seconds or so and never again while in motion.Thoughts?

It’s hard to say for sure, but that sounds like a U Joint failure. If so, I’d replace both while you have it apart.


Agree with @mperry_153483 a U-joint dry of grease will act just as you describe. It will get worse and bad things can happen if you don’t get this checked out soon.

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The OP can count this as one more vote for a bad Universal Joint.
Right now, it is just an annoyance, but if you let it go too long, you could wind up dropping your drive shaft on the highway, and that would definitely not be a good thing to experience.

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THANK YOU guys so much. It’s been an issue for about a week now, but I only commute 20 min each day so I haven’t driven too much. I set an appointment with my mechanic but he’s booked until July 5th. Any temporary suggestions for a patch fix? If it’s a big deal to drive with dry u-joints, I’ll have to try and find another guy to get me in sooner…

If you can limit your commute for this car, I would. If the front U-joint fails, really bad things can happen. At the very least the driveshaft will be damaged and may need to be replaced. Right now, a $12 U-joint on each end may fix it. You don’t need to add a $400 driveshaft to it.