Rear control arm removal! (tire eating mazda!)

So the rear tires on my mazda 5 get wore out quick (bought the car as is to fix up) the rear control arms need to be replaced today i started to remove them got the bolts loose pretty quick the bolt near the rotor is easy to remove (this is all on the drivers side rear end) but the inner bolt is loose but there isnt enough room to pull the bolt out there is a bracket for the exhaust in the way i have no ideas how to get this bolt out im stuck otherwise this probably would of only taken a few hours -_- someone help.

What year?

Remove that bracket… Or am I missing something?

Time to polish up your web searching skills. In a few seconds I found “Factory Service Manual Mazda5” came up with lots of choices. They start at $8 on Ebay. Are they useful or crap? I sure don’t know. But maybe one would help. Here’s one result of the search, just as an example.

Mazda5 Service Manual

Left and right both have bolt removal issues? Bracket is issue on both sides?