Mazda 5 camber angle

I have a 2006 Mazda 5. It has louder and louder road noise after 20,000 miles. After 2 dealer visits, 2 front tires replacement and a 4-wheel alignment, at the 3rd visit, the dealer still found the rear camber was out of specification. They replaced rear upper control arm because they found it was deformed. But the rear right camber was still at 2.5 degree after all. They told me it was at upper bound of the spec. I found the spec from library for the rear camber which is 2.19 and told the dealer, he was pretty mad. On the invoice it was written that Mazda techline told them there is no fix on this issue because the camber angle cannot be adjusted. The camber angle is a common problem for Mazda 5. some people online call Mazda 5 the tire eater. Does anyone know how to bring the camber angle into the spec? How could any company tell tell customer simply no fix and that’s it.

get a camber kit. it is not made by Mazda, but is an aftermarket part. See my question by searching camber post on Sept 1 2008 shows there is a replacement rear lower control arm for this car made by SPICER that gives rear camber adjustment from -1.5 to +5. The cost of the part is about $85.00 plus shipping.

There are a number of vehicles over the years in which the camber is off; either at the time of production or after some use and the suspension settles in.

Unfortunately, sometimes the only cure is aftermarket fixes as mentioned.