Rear Bumper Dent: Repair or replace


My husband backed my 03 Xterra into a parking garage pole, denting the metal rear bumper into the back door. There is very little damage to the door, except that I cannot open it. Can I have the bumper hammered out or do I have to bite the bullet and pay $900+ to have the whole thing replaced. I have no desire to sell my truck, and I can live with a dent, I just want to be able to open my back door.

Any thoughts?


They can remove the bumper and hammer the dent out sufficient to open the door. You may need a new mounting brackets as well.


You have to consider whether the damage has diminished the bumpers ability to absorb some of the energy in a future rear end collision. A body shop can determine if you will still have sufficient protection if you just bang it out or if you need a complete bumper.

I’ve had my neck broken twice in rear end collisions so I’m a little cautious when it comes to rear end repairs.