Crumpled driver's side rear bumper

I backed into a parked car and punched in the driver’s side corner of my rear bumper. What are my options? The tail light was not damaged and the trunk still opens and closes. The bumper itself is not cracked,just punched in. My car is a 2001 Ford Taurus.

Sometimes the bumper cover can be removed and the deformation of the bumper cover can be punched back out. Othertimes the bumper cover has to be replaced.


Agree with @Tester. The bumper cover is easily damaged on these vehicles. It may actually look worse than it is.

Agree with tester but take a heat gun or trouble light and get the cover good and warm. Then push the bump out from the inside. Often it will pop back out to near normal shape with maybe a small crease in it. Then you can do the minor body work on it and repaint or not.

Your first option is to pay for the damage to the car you admit you backed into.

Can you post a photo?