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Rear brake illustration/diagram for 91 Gr Voyager

I have a 1991 Plymouth Grand Voyager that I am replacing the rear brakes on. Due to several recent repairs stemming from poor reassembly, I am not confident the brakes were done properly in the past and can’t fully rely on using the “other side” approach to the repair. My Haynes manual is less than thorough and I can’t seem to find any other useful diagrams.

Any links to diagrams/photos/illustations would be much appreciated.

I just looked at the repair section and they don’t have manuals for older Voyagers/Caravans.

I do know some local libraries have have some of the more detailed repair manuals, like Mitchell’s Manuals. They also have subscriptions to some of the online car repair services, like

Try this.

Click on the figures to zoom in.

Ed B.

Thank you Ed for correcting my oversight.

On the autozone site, if I set my vehicle to a 91 Grand Voyager and then ask for a repair guide, it says it doesn’t have one. However, if, after setting the vehicle, I traverse down the links for “Product and How-To”, I find the brake repair info.

I’ll remember that the next time I try looking up an old vehicle.


I’ve noticed this problem too. I came across this link by accident on the Autozone site that seems to list all the repair guides. This is where I found the link for the Voyager.

Ed B.

Thank you both. I had also looked at AutoZone’s site when I was pricing out the parts and didn’t see this info. It looks like the driver’s side is put together correctly and I had the passenger side right but the adjusting lever wasn’t making contact with the star wheel on the adjuster. Hopefully this was just because the strut anti-rattle spring was broken and will be replaced by dealer ordered parts.

Again, thanks so much for the diagram, it’s exactly what I need. And unlike a library book, I can print this out and have it next to me with no worry of greasy fingerprints.

And unlike a library book, I can print this out and have it next to me with no worry of greasy fingerprints.

I have occasionally found the Autozone repair guides to be so generic that they aren’t useful for a particular repair. Prior to the proliferation of online information and when I didn’t have the manfr service manuals for a particular vehicle, I would use the library to research. The one I had close by had the best manuals and a copy machine that cost 10c per page. :slight_smile:

I double checked this image before I replied and it’s only a minor difference from my van. Quite likely because this same system was used on many FWD and RWD models using the exact same part numbers. Because of this I was able to save the trip to the library.

But I have to agree that even the Hayne’s/Chilton’s manuals leave much to be desired, especially with later model changes not actually being updated even when they claim to cover those vehicles.