Any additional useful websites?


i would like to know if there is any useful websites like this one,so, i can post or read any inquiry regarding cars.

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I believe there is on called “”, but it is mainly a market for cars. However there are many good posts on there as well. In Canada there is the Automobile Protection Association. They have a lot of useful info on reliability and service problems. Try or

A new site is “” dealing with specific repair and reliability issues.

This site ( is entirely non-profit, does not accept advertising, and has all of its input from volunteers.

There are hundreds of forums out there. Just google “XXX forum”, where XXX is the brand of the car you’re interested in.

I just used a website called, to check an estimate on a brake and rotor replacement, that my daughter called to check with me, site is specific to model, year, and zip code. I also use two manufactures specific forums to research questions about the models we own. I had thought it was odd that her rear brakes needed the replacement first, but found that this was the way the brake system was set up on this model, and that the milage was within city limit expectations.

I have found vehicle specific websites to be of use, ie trailbalezer forum, toyota owners etc.

Elaborate on what you read that convinced you that a car could be “set-up” for the rear brakes to wear faster. I am not saying anything until I read what you have read. Please include make,model,year.

The term set up was my wording, the forum I found the information on said that brake system was adjusted in this manner to have the rear brakes do the majority of braking . The vehicle is an '06 Hyundai Elantra with abs brakes as an option. I have looked but cannot find the exact listing I read yesterday.

As I suspected nothing frome a trade publication or the manufacture just someones post on a Forum that you have “twisted” a bit. NASCAR boys can adjust this front/rear bias but their cars are modified to allow this, not something I would expect to see on a Hyundai.