Really bad

Okay Sarge,what are some of the most inconsiderate people you try to share the road with,doesnt matter who,runners,cyclists,bus drivers(whomever)-Kevin

Number 1: bicyclists. The worst were in Seattle.
Number 2: pedestrians who walk with their backs to traffic.
Number 3: RTEC Public transit drivers.

People on a cellphone account for a majority of my observations of stupidity. Sorry I am going 15 under speed limit, sorry I near hit you stupid pedestrian crossing with a walk signal while I turn on red without even slowing down, sorry you had to honk because the light is green for 5 seconds, oops sorry for weaving into your lane I am talking, etc.

All of the above need to improve their manners, but when Cycling I have had to make a few panic stops because a car decided to just pull out without looking or they cannot wait long enough for me to get across an intersection to turn right. And as a pedestrian I find at certain intersections I have to be on the defensive because some don’t care if I have the walk signal or not and just barrel through. I live a 10 minute walk/bike ride from work so that is my major mode of transportation at the moment. I’ve seen cyclists with no lights/helmet just go zooming through and others riding safely and trying not to annoy anyone.

I generally try not to get in other driver’s way and it takes longer than it sometimes should to get from A to B because I have to wait for 2 or more light cycles just to get from one side of the street to another.

Adult cyclists are #1. Kid cyclists, no problem, they are smarter than the adults. Cell phone users are just stupid and unaware.

Cell phone using drivers are the worst problem to me simply because of numbers but around this neck of the woods I’d say many joggers have a death wish.

Why run on the sidewalks if it can be done in traffic.

When I’m driving on the freeway, some jerks pull into the entrance/exit lane just to pass me
It’s particularly insulting if you’re doing 70 or 75mph, but that’s not fast enough for those guys.

People who suddenly cut across 3 or 4 freeway lanes, without signaling, without looking who’s next to them, because they just realized they’re going to miss their exit

Tailgaters who flash their high beams and make insulting hand gestures.

Those 3 cars who enter the intersection and make their left turn AFTER the light turned red. I suspect there’s some urban legend . . .

Tractor trailer drivers who change lanes WITHOUT signaling.

Those teenagers who drive through the neighborhood on their motorized scooters, barreling through every single stop sign, without even looking. And you know if something happens, it’s going to wind up being my fault, even if it isn’t . . .

Those pedestrians who decide to run across the intersection, AFTER everybody’s started to move.
Again, if anything happens, I’m going to end up getting the blame

Drivers who pass me when I’m coming to a stop at a stop sign in my neighborhood, because those stop signs are obviously not meant for them

Those people that dart out in front of you from a side street only to have to turn again in a few seconds. Especially when there’s no one behind you. Really, would it have killed you to wait 5 more seconds for me to go by? Bicyclists that ride two abreast, apparently thinking they are immune from being hit.

@SGTRock,you are looking at this post,I assume? wasn’t verbatim but pretty close to what you wanted,feel free to grab it-Kevin

Man this interstate driving near larger urban areas,you have got to watch out.One thing I find particularly annoying now is those beggars that stand near the offramps at the lights or stop signs-Kevin

Cellphone users…Either talking or texting…They are the rudest most inconsiderate drivers on the road. They don’t understand WHY someone honks their horn at them when they’ve been sitting at the light that just turned green for 5-10 seconds. They expect everyone else to get out of their way because and to excuse their erratic driving because their conversation or text message is much more important then the safety of everyone else on the road. And when they do cause an accident they are completely unapologetic about it. They still think it wasn’t their fault.

@Mike, absolutely number one is phone users…also, down on the list but still important is,
Cyclists who are inexperienced or want to carry on a side by side conversation. Our state just adopted a new traffic policy…the bicycle rider is always in the right. I believe it means he can do no wrong; and if you have an accident, regardless of their contributing behavior, you will be held responsible.

I look at it like the rules in sailboat racing. You must avoid a collision at all cost, even if you have the right of way. In our state, it is felt because kids ( and adukts) on bikes are always on the loosing end of a collision, they are to be avoided. Being a bike rider, I get it. But, it is my fear, that the number of inconsiderate riders may increase.

@missileman Yes, all of those! I’ve been cut off by a cell phone talkers who were not concentrating on their driving.

Bicycle couriers are some of the worst. A few years ago in Toronto, Canada, a courier got aggressive with a motorist and hung onto his mirror! Due to the traffic situation, the cyclist ended up getting killed accidentally. The driver was a government minister and the case really blew up. The minister was determined to be not guilty, but the cyclist’s family was not satisfied.

Bicycles generally have the right of way, but attacking a motorist while on a bike changes the situation.

The cell phone problem carries over into other areas also as several times I’ve seen people talking on the cell walk right into a store display while on the phone.

Recently I made a trip to OK City on a sparsely populated arrow straight 2-lane state highway that has become a fairly high volume of traffic roadway. Some guy who lives on 5 acres along the route was mowing part of the property with a John Deere lawn tractor
There were 3 or 4 cars approaching from the other direction and a couple behind me. This guy is talking on the cell phone and suddenly darts across both lanes of the highway without even looking in either direction.

This led to my hitting the brakes to keep from broadsiding this fool As I looked back it appeared his sole intent was to cross the road and make a circle around his mailbox.
He was also apparently unaware that he almost got creamed by 2 tons of automobile or just flat didn’t care. He was still gabbing away and I noted the second car in trail behind me had to veer over the center line to keep from hitting this guy as he completed a circle out into the lane of traffic. That in turn led to some oncoming traffic having to veer towards the shoulder to avoid the oncoming driver who swerved to avoid the mower driver who never put the phone down for one second…

Those “special” drivers to whom things like turn signals and stop signs don’t apply; these folks are also often using cell phones- talking or texting.

Just a “hello” to NYBo! Long time… :slight_smile:

Big Pickups
European cars
Truck drivers

Cell phone users, but that is now a primary offense in MD. I should never see them but I still do. I hope every one of them gets a big, fat ticket.
Tailgaters. I’d get more specific, but every kind of vehicle does it. But the ones that PO me the most are the large box vans and 18-wheelers.

I don’t know how bicyclists or runners share the road with you, but around here, the bicyclists ride single file and are about a for in from the right side of the road and going in the same direction as traffic Runners typically run against traffic and stay.on the side of the road. I don’t run on major roads with speed limits of 40 MPH or more, at least not for very long. And all are allowed to do exactly what I said above. Drivers have to share the road too, even if it means you have to slow down for a short while until you can safely pass them. And runners don’t use sidewalks because jumping the curb can cause you to trip and injure yourself severely. I don’t run on the sidewalk because I have injured myself severely, and once almost fell under a car’s front tire after tripping on a curb.

Those drivers of pickup trucks with dual rear tires that change lanes without checking their blind spots.

Commercial truck drivers are not all that bad. At least they know the risks and consequences of the actions of every moves that they make.

The cell phone problem carries over into other areas also as several times I've seen people talking on the cell walk right into a store display while on the phone.

I have to go to Boston for business meetings at least once a month…People texting on their cell phone while walking is getting pretty bad. One guy in a 3 piece suit ran into my back as I was waiting for the light so cross a busy intersection. He almost knocked me down. What a moron. Unapologetic too…Like it was my fault for being in his way.