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Dear Web Lackeys: A suggestion for what I would like

The links for topic index and recent discussions at the bottom of the page also so I do not have to waste the few seconds of my life I will never get back scrolling to the top

This has been suggested several times. The Lackeys, Are well, Lackeys.

Another ultimate wish wish would be able to see what posters starred a comment. I have starred a few and would like them to know.

I kind of like that post ratings are anonymous.

That is lackey, not lakey. When I want to go back to the topic or topic index, I just use the “recent pages” go-back button in the upper left of the browser. I would like an easier way to find new posts in a thread, as it used to be in the old CT format.

I sure would like to see an automatic spell checking. Some of the postings are nearly impossible to make out. Also, a formatted “New posting” screen, that asked some simple facts like make, model, year, engine, transmission, etc. would really help.

And, how can I find the postings I have made? I enjoy seeing the follow-up, and on rare occasions the replies from the original poster.

I assume you are using Internet Explorer. Firefox browser is available for Windows and provides automatic spelling check in forum boxes. However, that only helps your spelling, not that of others. Lakey? Heh, heh.

For your postings, open Bookmarks or Favorites, then make a new folder called something like Cartalk. When you make a posting, simply add it to your bookmark records, and click on it after while.

Any way to put more posts per page and a lot of times when you go to new page there will be 2 posts from last page again.
Love the site, it helps sooo many people!

JTsanders Fixed my spelling err. Another way to get back to the top of the index page is to simply hit the tab key on your computer.

Limiting the amount of posts per page helps Tom and Ray make money on advertising. It’s why you will find news stories listed as multiple pages. Each time you load a page, CT makes a little money. If they put too many posts on a single page, they would make less money.