Egg ruined paint job

My car was egged. I didn’t discover that this happened for several days-- too late! I can’t afford to get a professional to fix it, and I’m very handy with a paint brush. What can I do myself to fix it? The finish is messed up in two ways: 1:spots are dull where the egg etched it. 2:there is a tiny spot where the paint “crinkled” but did not crack open. is there some kind of a clear coat I can apply to the spot to protect it from getting worse?

By the way, this is on a brand new hood that I just had replaced from the manufacturer, so the paint is only a few months old!

Automotive paints need to be sprayed on not brushed, especially in an area as conspicuous as the hood.

My advice would be to visit an automotive detailing shop. Their advice will be free and they deal with these type of problems on a regular basis. They may be able to buff and polish most of it out for very little money. But you won’t know until you ask.

I agree with the having the pros take a look at it. A detailing shop (high end car wash) would be my first choice, if not them then I would suggest a automotive paint shop. They need not do the entire car.

Anything you do may make the problem worse.

You also need to consult with your insurance agent.