Eggs in the Radiator?

I recently watched a Maguyver episode in which he put eggs in a Jeep radiator to stop leaks from bullet holes. Does that really work?

Every method that McGuyver used on that show has been tested to the highest degree, you can trust them fully. The lessons taught by McGuyver could be used in teaching a beginning chemistry class.

Some of these things work temporarily in an emergency, like putting oatmeal in the leaking radiator of a Model A Ford (ask your grandfather), for instance.

Personally, I have used panty hose as an emergency fan belt to get me to the nearest garage to have it replaced.

McGyver is an educational program for kids to strech their imagination. Think of all the things you can do with duct tape!!

Bullet holes? Sure, no problem.

Works for humans, too, so if you ever get shot eat eggs as quickly as possible.

Just out of curiosity, were the eggs raw, hard boiled, or scrambled?

It might work for as short a time as he needed it, then the radiator would need to be replaced and maybe a few other parts.  In other words, it is not good for any normal use.  In an emergency pepper may work and not cause as much of a problem.  Best bet is to have it properly fixed as any emergency fix will tend to cause additional damage and end up costing more than just fixing it right the first time.

I don’t think pepper would work for bullet holes.

They tested this on Mythbusters. Turns out it does actually work on small holes. A bullet hole may be too big for it to work though.

I don’t think pepper would work for bullet holes.

Frankly I doubt if eggs would work more than a few minutes. I can’t see it holding once pressure started to build up.

Depends of the calibre.

Perhaps for an air gun projectile, perhaps even a .22.
I’d have to see it stop a .45 hole to believe it. Especially with a hollow point slug. The entry hole would be .45", the exit perhaps 4" or more.