Rave: Hubcap spinners

Well I drive a old piece of junk. Not powerful and not cool my 17 year old Ford Tempo just can’t cut it with the big boys who cruise down my towns strip with their Aston’s and Ferrari’s

Then one day I was bored and decided it would be hilarious, if I bought 4 hubcap spinners to replace my 3 other hubcaps. (I was missing one)

Let me tell you, this was quite possibly the most hilarious, most awesome and by far most worthwhile mod ever to be made to a Ford Tempo.

These things cost me $60 2 years ago, and true to 3-6 Mafia’s song “they don’t stop”

Young men enjoy attracting attention to themselves by having loud stereos and sweet cars, let me tell you, my stereo is not loud, but because I have hubcap spinners, I get way more attention at every single stop light than you could ever get with a loud stereo.

They mesmerize people, people are always staring at them. This comes in three general forms

1) Older people who do not understand/have never seen spinners. These people will stare at the hubcaps and then attempt to explain using hand motions to whomever is with them what’s going on. It’s entertaining to watch.

2) Other young adults both male and female in cars and on the streets giving me thumbs up and occasionally yelling sweet spinners from the sidewalk/ cafe patios/

3) Little kids who are so overcome by the power of the spin they usually go “wow cool”

When I think of the thousands of dollars young men spend on their cars trying to stand out, I realise that I saved hundreds if not thousands of dollars, and attract just as much attention if not more than those with ridiculously loud stereo’s and sweet ‘real’ rims.

And that combines to make my own Aston that much closer…but makes me avoid getting pulled over by the cops…not a nuisance to be around…and it makes my Tempo stand out…so that I can cruise and get just as many comments as the big boys in there Aston Martins.

All told, best $60 dollars I’ve EVER spent.

OOps sorry I meant to post this in general. I am sorry. Really, I am.

That’s great that you attract attention. Streaking attracts attention, also. Try it. You’ll like it.

I somehow doubt that would end well…lol