Spinning speedometers

I was just listening to the show (which one? I haven’t a clue; I never hear the show ID #s), specifically the call from Amy in Indiana whose '95 Ford Escort has a spinning speedometer that is driving her crazy. I had the same problem on my '85 Chevy Blazer, which I ignored because it was intermittent–until the day it was spinning so vehemently that the needle simply flew off. :slight_smile:
Just wanted to share …

I can vividly recall being in a friend’s '61 Pontiac Tempest when the needle of the horizontal-format speedometer began wildly oscillating between zero and 120. The noise got louder & louder as the left-to-right oscillations increased in speed, and–finally–with a clunk–the speedo went dead.

Yup, those non-electronic accessories were just so superior to the equipment on modern vehicles…


@VDCdriver On my 1984 Impala the same thing happened on a very cold day the speedo went back and forth and made grinding noises before quitting altogether. We have a guy here who call himslef “Mister Spoedometer” and he replaced the cable.

This guy does a lot of taxi and police work and has to guarantee his work. Not sure if today’s electronic units can be repaired.

My 03 trailblazer has an intermittent speedometer, May not work or may be 7-10 mph under, thanks to gps unit that calculates mph, odometer records mileage accurately, new stepper motor one of these days, glad I wated now the tach is acting up also. Wifes 03 windstar guages will go nuts occasionally, tach is pinned, bad solder joint, so it will wait till spring, what year I cannot guarantee.