RAV4 Instrument Lights

The 2008 Toyota RAV4 has a dimmer wheel on the dash that varies the light intensity of the clock, radio, odometer, and MPH numbers. When the odometer is adjusted to the brightness I like, the clock is too dim, and the radio is even more dim. Is there a way to boost the clock and radio intensities so they equal the intensity of the odometer?

I doubt it, but you could try putting some tinted film over the odometer to make it dimmer.

The nice thing is you have to be really happy with your car if that is the only question you have. Congratulations.

The intensity of the lights is modulated by a variable resistor or by pulse width modulation or both (in separate lights). You could make the real instruments dimmer, relatively, but modifying the circuit with an in-line resistor. You could also disconnect either the lights that are too bright or too low and splice in your own power supply. I suspect that any of this is too much for too little gain. If it really bothered me, I would put some tinted film over it as Joseph suggested. He is the real genius.

I have the dimmer already adjusted to maximum for a satisfactory level of illumination for the odometer, so adding a filter to reduce the light is not a solution in this situation. I’m hoping the clock and radio each have jumpers or a potentiometer to change their respective default generic settings, which are incorrect for a 2008 RAV4. As an aside, running with full lights (front and rear) in daytime (in heavy rain for example) results in the odometer dimming to a nighttime level, which is not desired during daytime use. All in all, a very minor design problem, but the only complaint I have with the V6 RAV4 - I love it!