2016 Toyota RAV4 - switch to LEDs?

I like my 2016 Toyota RAV4 except for one big thing: the headlights do not let me see adequately up ahead of me. I live in rural area and if I use the high-beams, I can see better however if there is any fog or misty rain, I can’t use them. I went back to the dealership & was told nothing can be done. I’ve seen this car on an NTSB list of vehicles with inadequate headlights. Someone suggested changing out the bulbs for LED light bulbs. (I think Toyota should foot the bill for that!) Any suggestions for me?

Generally changing to LEDs creates more problems. You might go to a RAV4 owners forum to see what others have tried.

Make sure the plastic headlight housings are not foggy. If they are they can be refinished to make them clear again. Getting the headlights aligned may help. Also there are options of bulbs you can get. Sylvania has 3 different levels of lumens. But remember, the higher the lumens the shorter the lifespan and the higher the cost.

You might want to check if you can buy original Toyota fog lights and a steering column switch with fog light control.
Most likely all the wires are already in place, you might easily add fog lights to supplement inadequate low-beams.
Aiming both low beam lights and fog lights properly is important too.

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There are videos online on how to add fog lights. The wires are there, you need a switch installed inside.
On my daily driver I switched to the brighter lamps mentioned above and it helps. Yes the downside is the shorter lifespan, but better the bulb than me :frowning:
I do have fog lights on my car and switched them over to LEDs and there are super strong. Use it for very dark and foggy nights only.