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2007 Rav4 Electrical

My 2007 Rav4 is showing a power drain in the interior light circuit. It is running at a steady 3amps. What would be likely sources of trouble and how best to troubleshoot? The lights themselves work fine.

Trunk light? Glove box light??

Hook up a amp meter and start pulling fuses until it drops (note some power usage is normal for most cars.

I kind of doubt the trouble is being caused by a light due to the fairly high current draw. A normal headlight draws around 5 amps. There are usually other things tied to a fused circuit so the trouble may not actually be with the interior lights. Your best friend for this kind of trouble is a factory wiring manual. It will show you what else is tied to the circuit and how the wiring runs through the vehicle. It is a very good investment. You can usually find them on Ebay for a reasonable price but to me even paying dealer prices for a factory manual is worth the cost.

The trouble could also be due to something that was added to the car later and wasn’t factory installed. will give you what you need. Has the all the manuals online for a subscription fee per year. It’s well worth paying to fix a problem and not paying a mechanic. Try searching online for the service manual. Sometimes people post them and you can download them free. I know this violates Toyota’s intellectual property rights, just saying.