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Rav 4 tube?

What is this tube for? 2012 rav 4. Thought maybe it was for emergency brake cable but not sure.

Is this an All Wheel Drive model?

What is at either end of the tube?

Exhaust pipe?
From the looks of the condition of the rocker panel and undercarriage, its primary function now might be holding the front and rear of the vehicle together.

We need better photos.

Go to Auto Trader and find a vehicle like yours on a used car lot and politely ask to look at and you will get your answer.

I found your “tube”.

It looks like someone added under-body lights that are falling apart.

I don’t believe that Cavell was referring to the exhaust system.
Instead, I think that his question was in regard to the diagonally-hanging piece of metal (with a threaded end) on the left side of the photo, above the muffler.

I have to admit that I don’t know what it is, however.

A friend sent me pic of RAV4. It is plastic and threaded on 1 end. I think it might be for emissions? Vent tube for fuel tank? They are going to bring it to shop. Female owner.

That looks like a very dirty clear plastic tube with plastic convoluted tubing sticking out. The metal strap that was holding it in place suggests that this in not a factory part.