Does anyone know what this tube is on my 2006 Ford Focus?

I noticed this tube sticking out below my car and I don’t think it was like that before. Does anyone know what it is and if it needs to be repaired? The pictures are taken from the rear, driver’s side corner of the car. My mom uses this car and it hadn’t been driven for a couple of months when I noticed the tube. She’s disabled and really can’t afford to pay a mechanic to tell her but she needs a safe, working vehicle so any help is very much appreciated!

It may be a vent hose for the EVAP canister.


I’ve never seen a tube dangling like that in that area. But I don’t own a Focus either … hmm … Is the check engine light on? If yes, maybe something to do w/the evap system. Does the gas tank gauge read empty? If yes, maybe somebody used the tube to steal gasoline from the gas tank. Suggest to verify the catalytic converter remains installed.

I will check those things when I go to her house later, thank you! Here is a better pic if it helps


Oops wrong one

That is the vent hose from the vapor canister, it vents to the atmosphere, it won’t cause the check engine light to illuminate.

You can install the hose here:



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I looked at the 1st pic and was like, looks like a tail pipe to me… :rofl: :rofl:
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Looks like Nevada nailed it, in the post above…