Can someone please tell me the name of this car part?

I have a 2008 Scion xD and this little rubber thing is broken. It simply secures a tube/pipe under the car. It says “EPDM” on one side and I can’t make out the numbers on the other side but it’s something like "7565-…)

Here ya go:

That appears to be one of the “hangers” for your exhaust pipe.
While it is not an emergency to replace it, bear in mind that too much movement of the exhaust pipe will eventually lead to metal fatigue and a break in the pipe, so replacing it sooner, rather than later, is a good idea.

This is something that any competent mechanic or muffler shop can replace, so you don’t need to go the Toyota dealer for this very simple repair.

It’s probably #10 or #15 on this diagram:

The photo is upside down, but the question has already been answered.
These are very easy to change. They’re even easier if you put a little dab of grease on the “bulb” at the end of the metal hanger parts. A little dab’ll do ya.

yall are awesome, thanks!!!

Probably got them at NAPA too. I used to keep a couple similar ones in my tool box for my cat hanger.

Ok it’s toyota part 17565-40010 – a rubber exhaust system holder. Will that link from amazon necessarily fit? I measured the holes and 3/8 inch looks right, but Im not sure the distance between the holes is correct

The easiest way to get an exact fit replacement part is to remove the old one and take it to your local auto parts store or a Toyota dealership parts department. My old VW Rabbit had those, and I had to replace them all the time. I’ve never had to replace any exhaust hangers on my Corolla in 20+ years, Toyota must use a different method on the Corolla than VW used on the Rabbit. It’s important to get that fixed straight away, otherwise you may end up needing some exhaust system welding done. Good on you for spotting this and being proactive about getting it fixed.

These are pretty generic parts the application for which is highly tolerant of variations. But of you want the exact parts without the dealer prices, try this website: