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I’ve recently purchased a new Nissan Murano and within approx. 2 months there appears to be some rattling sounds that are coming from the rear seat area as I ride over bumps, etc. This sound has been occurring for approximately 1+ week. I will obviously be contacting the dealer but wanted to see if anyone has experienced this to see if its at all systemic.

It needs to have someone do a little work to find it.  My guess is it is the exhaust system and may need a minor adjustment.  however it is always possible that it is an important issue and should be address promptly.  In either case since it appears it is a newish car and likely under warranty, you should contact who is handling the warranty first.  Serious or not, it should not make rattling noises and the sooner you bring it back the more likely the dealer will actually do something.

Probably a heat shield on the exhaust. Get dealer to fix it.