Rattle/Knock in 2003 Honda Pilot

Our 2003 Honda Pilot with 130K miles recently developed a front end Knock/rattle, which is sustained at about 70 miles per hour. Dealer “couldn’t hear the noise”. Tried new tires per dealer suggestion- fail! Recently we towed our 2100 lb pop up with it, and it was MUCH louder, and of course sustained at lower speed. Any ideas?
Should we even be towing a pop up with a vehicle that has this many miles on it?

Did you have the suspension inspected? Does the noise change when you turn the steering wheel?

I’m assuming the dealer looked at that, although I can’t say for certain. The noise has been known to increase when banking right around an off ramp. If it can be localized at all, it would be to the center of the car- seems to be emanating from beneath the dash area.
Is it worth chasing around at all considering the goal is to feel secure towing the pop up trailer? If we do discover the origin of the noise and have it fixed, is towing a 2500 pound trailer okay with an old Pilot with 130k miles?