2013 Honda Pilot Noises

I purchased a new Pilot in June. With every acceleration or braking I heard significant creaking. After two visits to the dealer I was told it was an issue with the a-frame. I continue to have all kinda of noises, increasing with colder temps. Every bump, rough road, etc, brings creaks, pops, rattling in the dashboard/windshield area, window seals, rear-end area. What could have caused the issue initially? Two people in the industry think it was damaged in transit. Any feedback would be appreciated! The first service was around 2,500 miles. It just turned 9,000 with 4-5 service visits.

Well, my Corolla rattles in the dashboard area too. Today I noticed a rattle in the driver’s side door. But it is 20 years old. Some rattles are to be expected. A new car like yours shouldn’t rattle as much as your are saying it does. I think what I’d do first in this situation is remove everything from the car you can. Everything from the glove compartment, back seats, floors, any loose change laying around, everything from the storage area, even the spare tire and jack. See if that helps. If so, you have a clue to go on at least.

It’s possible the car was damaged in transit, sure. Or it could have been dropped off a lift at some point. Or just taken down too hard. Or going over a bump in the road too fast could cause this, esp if done repeatedly. Do you have any teenage drivers? Or you may have just gotten a bit unlucky and for reasons that will never be explained the parts just don’t quite fit together as well as in other cars of this type. You might ask a dealer if you can borrow one of their new ones for the day, see if that one makes similar noises.

Drive another new one and see if that one makes similar noises or no. When I was shopping, I did test drive a 2013 and did not notice much noise, just some vibration from the VCM kicking in and out (somewhat annoying around 35 MPH).
Have an independent shop put it on the lift and look it over. If there is damage, the dealership might not fess up.

I agree. Have it inspected. It may be an FOT (fell off truck).

The noises are definitely coming from the structure of the car and its components, not anything in the car. I’m the only driver. I have never owned any vehicle that makes these type of noises. I understand cars may have some intermittent noises but they should not be to this level.

With your owner’s manual you should have contact information to pursue resolution when the dealership won’t help. I recommend that you document everything, be sure the dealer document any activities pursuant to this on their shop orders (keep your copies), and follow the resolution path prescribed. Do all of this in a timely manner. As the problem ages it becomes less important to the manufacturer.

If there was damage in transit, the dealer should be fixing it under warranty. If it’s a fixable manufacturing or design problem, the dealer should be fixing it under warranty. If it’s a design problem and the manufacturer receives enough complaints, they might implement a fix and you’ll be included.

Sincere best.