Rat in Dashboard

Don’t ask how, but a rat got into my car. It was under the drivers seat and I was trying to get it out with a stick and it ran up into the dashboard. I took some of the carpet up and looked around with a shop light, but couldn’t see anything. I am reluctant to drive the car in case the rat decides to come out while I am driving 70 mph down the highway. Any suggestions would be appreciate. My best friend suggested trading it in and buying a new car, which is sounding like a good idea.

I would try opening the doors, start the engine, turn the heat on high, turn windshield wipers on, and have the radio blaring loadly. Then sit back and watch if the rat leaves.


Or, lock a cat in the car with the rat, and wait to see who wins. My money is on the cat.

Hose from the exhaust pipe to the passenger compartment.

Remember to let it air out before you drive it. Also if it’s a big rat there may be a stink as it starts decomposing.


SORRY FOR LAUGHING PIEDPIPER, BUT I’M NOT LAUGHING AT YOUR DILEMA… I think Testers answer will work, BUT you need to be sure if the rat actually leaves. You don’t want him scurring around while you’re driveing.

To be sure get a rat trap…bait it with peanut butter and cheese and leave it over night in the car…

You could also use one of those adhesive paper traps. Put it on the front floor. The rat will climb in to get the bait, but will be stuck to the adhesive. You can then remove the trap, bag it, and throw it out.

One more thing: Do it fast. Rodents just love to chew on wiring. In no time at all your wiring harnesses might need to be replaced.

I Would Drive At 65 MPH Or 75 MPH Until The Rat Comes Down. How’d A Rat Get In There ? I Thought It Was Wombats That Preferred Toyotas.

Seriously though, you could park where flooding is imminent. Rats can definitely swim, but they can’t swim indefinitely. Then we could advise you on flooding your car.

Also, you could try a Rat Talk forum instead of a Car Talk forum.


I kinda like the cat solution. Sounds like a great idea for a YouTube video…

You could try setting of a “bug bomb” in the car. It’s a can of bug spray that locks on and fills a space with bug poison. That should get the bugger to leave.

The cat solution WOULD be fun, BUT the “bug bomb” could kill it and then p. piper would have the same “dead stinky rat” problem in the car as with sonof’s post.

I am starting to lean towards C.S.A’s answer. A mighty flooding, no ark to save the rat, after that we can advise how to wash all the mud outta the car.

Thanks for the responses. Followed as many of the suggestions as I could. Left the doors open, put out a trap, but nothing. Borrowed my daughters dachsund to see if he could pick up the scent, but nothing. I am hoping the rat is gone. Guess I will know in a couple of days as I understand rats can only a go a few days without water. At this point I almost welcome the decomposing rat - at least I will know where I stand. Any further suggestions are welcome.

You might try some “Decon” It is rat poison, BUT you must leave the rat an escape path to the outside. Leave your car doors open and the garage door open. This type poison makes them very thirsty and they will try and go outside for water (which is good for getting him out of your car AND your garage). After you’re rid of that one, be sure and leave some for his friends in the garage, but be careful around pets. They might also like the taste of it, I don’t know.