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My car is in the garage for the third time…rodents have chewed the wires to the transmission…we have tried everything anyone has suggested…rat traps, Bounce, some farmer’s product guraranteed to get results…but nothing works…this is the third time in three weeks…help…someone must have a solution…or maybe I just need to sell the car…

Is the damage inside or outside the passenger compartment?? Inside a garage or outside?

See if your local garden center sells a product like this.


 Get one of those "snap your neck" traps and put a cracker with peanut butter on it.  Works every time.  And do it today.  They breed like . . well, RATS!  Rocketman

Do you like Cats?? A good cat/mouser will keep most rodents 200-300 yards away. Once they know a cat is around…they usually stay away.

You may not have RATS; if the wires are coatted with salt, it’s likely RACCOONS. You would not be the first one to have this problem.

In case of raccoons, if yoy can park inside with the garage door shut that might solve your problem. In case of rats, I would use old fashioned Strychnine, or rat poison.

I read the five responses and alas, I appreciate the advice but none of it will solve the problem. I have the car in a brand new garage, I have been to a farm supply company and purchased products farmers use to keep rodents out of their machinery, my husband has set dozens of traps with peanut butter, those rat poison sticks, etc. and neighbors on both sides of us have cats…still, something is chewing up the wires.

T took the car in, had it repaired, and immediately went to a car detailer and had the engine pressure washed. My husband has set traps everywhere in and outside the garage and put Bounce in the glove compartment and all over the top of the engine…

Does anyone have any other solution…other than selling the car…the Honda dealer said that CR-v, Pilots and Odysseys have a v-shaped section in the engine compartment that rodents love to snuggle into, but to get to the area they have to chew the wires.

Interestingly, my husband has an Explorer sitting right next to my Honda and has nad no problem with rodents.

Thanks for the suggestions…I am still hoping someone out there has a solution that works…

“Brand new garage” I assume it has a door and you don’t keep it open all the time… first question …where is what ever it is that is chewing your wires hiding? It could be also be a porcupine as well as a raccoon, both like salt…explains why your traps etc. aren’t working. try googling porcupine/raccoon repellents

Paint the wires with Tobasco Sauce…NOTHING will touch them…Put some Moth Balls in the “V-shaped” compartment on top of your engine. Few critters will tolerate them…But be warned, YOU might not be able to tolerate them either…Chipmunks, more often than rats or mice, are the culprits…Well-fed house cats seldom hunt, but some do…Some have had success with ultra-sonic pest repellents…

If she paints the wires with Tabasco sauce, I might chew on them!

So…did the traps catch rats? If not, those who suggested another critter might be at fault could be right. Perhaps bigger traps?

I am sure you have tried everything, but have you tried those “sticky” traps? I had rodents chew up my center console cup holder AFTER I had wiped it down with bleach. My car was so low to the ground it was easy prey. I set the sticky traps on the back seat floors and passenger side floors. I caught one the next day, but it isn’t fun to clean up…Usually where there is one there is more but I didn’t see anymore “droppings” from that point on.

Good suggestions…kill the little b…s has been my most effective solution. Full size rat traps with peanut butter. So far this year, I’ve had excellent success with electronic high frequency device on each outlet of the garage. No matter how well you think you seal, they will find away unless you are sure of the sill and solid barrier on base of garage door.
As a last resort, trade in for an Explorer.