Rats! There's rats in my car!

Rats got into my clean 2010 Toyota Highlander and I want to know how tthey got in and how to keep them out! My children like to eat snacks in the car and so there were goldfish crackers left overnight. Noow the rats have visted twice and have chewed a hole in a car seat and the apolstery. The cabin filter has rat droppings in it and a mechanic says they’re most likley getting in through the AC system. The car is getting steam cleaned right now. Should we be okay, or is there some way to cap the AC system with a screen to prevent them from coming back? Please advise!

You had better invest in a serious set of rat traps and catch as many of these little guys as possible before one of them up and dies in there and you have to live with the smell for years to come.

Thanks! Good points. We just started parking the car outside, our garage is now a playroom. we are on a lake and i think there are infinite rats out there. but we will set traps maybe inside the car. appreciate the feedback

This works great:


You’re probably going to need to rule out any more snacks in the car, for one.

I had rats in my sailboat and I put a OZZY Osborne CD playing at full blast in the boat for a couple of days and nights and they left.