Ranger Clutch Problem

2001 Ranger-clutch will not engage-checked fluid and added very little-clutch pedal still very spongy and not engaging-sudden onset problem-manual trans w/hydraulic clutch

Your post confuses me. You say that your clutch won’t engage, but you seem to be describing a DISengagment problem.

When the clutch pedal is released, and all the way up, the clutch is (normally) engaged.

When you’re stepping on the pedal, holding it to the floor, the clutch is (normally) disengaged.

A spongy pedal indicates that there is air in the hydraulic line that needs to be bled, or possibly a failed clutch pressure plate.

Please define the problem better. For instance, are you having trouble putting the transmission into gear, or will the truck not move once the transmission is in gear?

sorry-i am a tool-ok-the pedal is spongy-with clutch pressed down the transmission will not go into gear-I can turn truck off and put into gear and when trying to start it will jerk forward like it is in gear w/out clutch pressed-(it normally will not turn over if clutch is not pressed)-from what little I know and what I have read it appears to have air in the system I reckon, but the fluid was not low

You’re describing what happens when the clutch master cylinder leaks internally. This means the seals inside the master cylinder are allowing the fluid to bypass them thereby not providing the hydraulic pressure required to disengage the clutch.


Sounds very much like air in the hydraulic line. You’ll need to get it bled. Then you’ll need to find out why there was air in the line. This would normally mean that something is leaking. Possibilities are: clutch master cylinder, clutch slave cylinder and the line between the two.