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1999 Ford Ranger 2.5L 5 speed transmission

I am a little confused I can not get the transmission to engage the clutch, I replaced the clutch 3 weeks ago, now I have no pressure in the pedal, I have bleed the system 5 attempts with clean solid flow of fluid. What else can I do to fix this or troiuble shoot from here?

The clutch master cylinder may be leaking internally.

When this happens, the master cylinder isn’t able to produce enough hydraulic pressure to release the clutch.


It wouldn’t be unusual for this to happen after bleeding the clutch hydraulics. The clutch master cylinder piston has been in the same position for years and never complained, but when bleeding is done the piston moves along the cylinder in new spots, and those spots are probably corroded, which scratched the surface of the seal. If so, as mentioned above, replacing the clutch master cylinder should get things working again.

Did you not replace the clutch master cylinder while you had the tranny out to replace the clutch?

That would be the slave cylinder.

And on this vehicle, it’s usually part of the clutch kit.


The slave cylinder is a hydraulic throwout bearing. It should be replaced anytime the clutch is replaced. Hopefully that was done.

OOPS Tester is right. Of course I meant SLAVE cylinder.

IF he bought a complete clutch kit, the slave cylinder should have been included, but sometimes people will buy just a clutch plate and not opt for the pressure plate (cover) and slave cylinder. IIRC, the slave cylinder on this Ranger can only be replaced while the transmission is out as it wraps around the tranny’s input shaft.