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Vehicle stalls out when clutch is depressed and in gear

So my 98 for ranger stalls out while in gear with the clutch down. I just replaced the slave cylinder today and the master cylinder a couple months back. I’m pretty bamboozled right now.

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The Idle Air Control valve may be dirty/defective.


To find out, the next time you depress the clutch pedal, slightly step on the gas pedal.

if doing that prevents the engine from stalling, that’s what the problem is.


Tried that and shes still stalling out.

Are you sure the clutch is actually disengaging? You might be able to see where a lever goes into the transmission. If that lever isn’t moving, there’s a problem in the hydraulic system. Air where you need brake fluid is the most common. If the lever moves, the problem is in the clutch.

Wait a minute… This entire thread is muddy… already.

Master cyl and slave cyl replaced already… I have to ask… why? What symptom were you trying to solve? Does this Ranger Idle normally… in neutral… not in gear… no clutch pedal activity? Sounds to me like the answer is NO… So… don’t combine clutch activity and in gear or not into the problem description…

If it cannot idle, then it cannot idle in or out of gear with a clown on your roof and the wipers on either…right? Lets boil this down to the basic basics here.

From what I have read thus far, (sans my usual attempt at comedic delivery), I do apologize, I’m an idiot and predisposed to these sort of things anyhow, here is what I gather. Your vehicle will not idle nor stay running… Even with your foot on the accelerator trying to keep it alive. So basically your vehicle will not run then, at all really… right?

I would look at the MAF sensor and clean it with some spray… also your throttle butterfly…and of course look into your AIC valve as it is responsible for idle. Your coolant level is also important here as coolant temp is a variable of controlling the AIC as well.

Mentioning the clutch and the gear selection or master cyl or slave cyl are irrelevant… unless they are not…and if not… you haven’t convinced me of this yet. Now there is a condition where the slave cyl goes bad and wont fully decouple the flywheel and trans…it drags…and that is a problem…and if it stalls your engine…its a huge problem… again…I don’t see that as the issue here, yet.

Best I can tell your engine will not simply run… If I am incorrect. please correct me. Walk us thru getting in the vehicle…in neutral… turn key… what happens?

Many apologies I didnt tell you my whole history with the truck, those two things were replaced because I had a spongy clutch. I replaced the master cylinder first and it was still spongy so I then replaced the slave cylinder and that fixed it. Clutch now works perfectly. Truck turns on and stays running just fine, but when I do decide to finally try and go somewhere I press the clutch down and shift into first and after a couple seconds she dies. I think that pretty much covers it, let me know if theres anymore details that might be important. The truck has been sitting for a few years while I was overseas so I’m sure theres a lot that could be wrong.

When this occurs… you also have your foot on the brake…yes?

Try this… forego the gear shifting and see if you can stall the engine by simply depressing the brake pedal and holding it… and also by pumping the pedal. Let us know.

The stalling may be due to a vacume issue…which the brake would be associated with…and not the clutch or being in gear.

Sure thing, I’ll give her a try first thing in the morning.

Okay so I tried what you said, and it didnt stall, engine didnt derate what so ever.

So if I’m quick on the get go I can get her moving but if I hold the clutch down while it’s in gear at all for too long she dies

Also I just noticed that the vehicle seems like it doesnt want to go into gear sometimes, if I pump the clutch a couple times then she will allow me to shift. The truck has 237k miles on it and the previous owner has no idea when the clutch was last replaced. I’m thinking it might be time for a new clutch.

The clutch master cylinder may be leaking internally.

When this happens, and you step on the clutch pedal while in gear, the seals in the master cylinder slowly leak so the hydraulic pressure slowly releases the clutch so that the engine stalls when the clutch engages.



So I went to the store and was able to get the master cylinder on warranty since I had just bought it a few months ago. I swapped it out and bled it and presto she works now! Seems that cylinder somehow must have been faulty cause shes working now. Thanks for the help!

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