Random loud noise Jeep Liberty

I have a 2002 Jeep Liberty and recently heard a loud noise coming from the front end after driving for a while. I live in a city and rarely drive. About a week ago I was driving around town and as I was slowing down to make a right turn, a loud gug gug gug gug grinding noise, came from the front end as if it was about to crap out. After letting it sit for about 40 minutes I started it up and drove it no problem and no sound. Then about 3 days ago I was driving on the highway and slowed down because of traffic and the same loud noise occurred. It last about the next 10 minutes of my drive in traffic and then went away again no problem.

What could be causing this kind if sound and random behavior? Any advice…anyone?

Front wheel bearing??? When going faster road noise drowns out the noise.

Jack up the front tires off the ground and rotate them by hand to see if there is a grinding
sound on one side.

We need a lot more information…

Did the engine “crap out”?
You mention letting the car sit for 40 minutes, and then being able to re-start it, but…did it stall out, or did you shut the engine off?

You “rarely drive”, but…is the vehicle’s maintenance also “rare”?
Most maintenance is supposed to be done on the basis of odometer mileage or elapsed time, with a “whichever comes first” proviso. In other words, something like…Every 6,000 miles or 6 months, whichever comes first. Do you maintain it in accordance with elapsed time? If not, the vehicle could be very much overdue for various types of maintenance.

To a mechanic, “front end” means the steering and suspension components that are connected to the front wheels. Do you believe that the noise is coming from those components, or are you just saying that the noise is emanating from somewhere in the front area of the car–such as the engine?

When this noise occurs…
…is the Check Engine Light lit up?
…do you feel any vibration or other unusual sensations?

Does the noise occur only when turning the steering wheel, or does it also occur when driving straight ahead?

This one’s tough to guess without more detail, however it definitely deserves a look-see at the engine and a good walk underneath (on a rack) with a worklight. The odds of finding the cause are far higher in a shop.