Ram Trucks

Chrysler will no longer use the word “Dodge” when it markets it’s light and medium duty trucks. TV and print advertising will refer to them only as “Ram Trucks” . While the Dodge logo will still show up on the trucks here and there, it will be very discreet. But the VIN will still code the manufacturer as “Dodge” so I guess that’s how they will be listed on the registration and title…

I noticed that a while ago. There is a dealership in my town that was once referred to as a “Chrysler Dodge Jeep” dealer, but they are now identified as a “Chrysler Jeep Ram” dealer. Their signs don’t even have a Dodge logo on them any more. Their highest volume product line was once Dodge trucks, now it’s Ram trucks. I’m not entirely sure why they are doing away with the Dodge name on the trucks and hope they will not eliminate it from their entire lineup. Doing so would make the Charger and Challenger sound really awkward if we had to start calling them Chrysler, much worse than when they dropped Plymouth.

It’s just a ‘re-image’ like all the automakers have done in recent times. Does it serve any real purpose? Probably not. All but the most feeble-minded know it’s a Dodge, and that Dodge is a Chrysler product. I think they’re decent trucks, but I can’t imagine how this will really sell any more of them.

But I don’t think like marketing people do… If I did, I’d probably need to be lobotomized to keep from offing myself.

I think it’s a good idea from a marketing standpoint. Chrysler has a reputation as being the most desperate and lowest quality of Detroit’s former big three, and it’s full-size pickup truck is probably its strongest product, other than the Jeep Wrangler. The more Chrysler can isolate its strengths, and disassociate them from the Chrysler name, the better.

It seems that Chrysler likes to give different names to what are really Dodge trucks. Before WW II, there were Dodge trucks and Plymouth trucks, Our neighbor had a Plymouth truck. I think the Plymouth name on trucks disappeared about 1941 or so. In Canada, I think that the Dodge pickup trucks had the name Fargo. I think I read somewhere that Dodge trucks may have been exported as DeSoto trucks sometime in the past.
I think Chrysler should have kept the Dodge name and added the Ram name as well. After all, we have Chevrolet pickups and GMC pickups.

I lot of strange things happened during the bankruptcy and when Fiat came into the picture…Warehouses full of Dodge and Plymouth parts were scrapped to reduce the book value of the company and make it more attractive to a buyer…Trying to get new parts for older Dodge trucks is virtually impossible…

How about a warehouse full of Neons?

I’d buy one for $1300.

“Ram trucks?” Hell of a good idea!

I thought it was a call to action. Sadly, it’s just a discussion of the latest Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep marketing move.

Does anyone really care what they call them?

There are people who need a vehicle of this sort, but their numbers are minuscule compared to the number of people who buy them.

It’s sad that they feel the need to resort to such trickery to sell them.

“Ram trucks.” I still like it.

What if we all started ramming these monstrosities every time we saw one?

We’d all be sitting in our ruined cars as the monster truck we rammed drove away, that’s what.

Still, it’s a good idea. Ram trucks!

Would they still come with the factory warranty when they get titled? :stuck_out_tongue: