Ram Promaster Diesel

Has anyone tested the new Ram Promaster in the diesel configuration? MPG? etc. Same engine as in the pick up but I’ve yet to see actual tests and stats on the Promaster
Also you do not list the Ram series under a separate category or even under Dodge. I currently have a Ram C/V and that’s not listed.

There are numerous reviews on the WWW.
I believe that the Dodge name is now being used only for the cars, minivans, and suvs and the RAM name is being used for the trucks. I don’t believe the title Dodge Ram exists anymore. You might want to check the websites

There is no requirement to test it as a work truck, so I wouldn’t expect to see EPA tests any time soon. Dodge claims mid 20s for highway mileage and the V6 gas engine is reported at 26 mpg. With mileage so similar, you might just go with the gas engine and save $4000 on the diesel option.

Here’s a review I read yesterday of the gas version: