RAM EV and other extraneous bs to get to ten characters

Stellantis has an EV concept pickup that they claim is close to production. I like the configurable cargo bed with the extendable floor and fold down hatch for even more cargo volume. That’s nothing new of course since GM started that two decades ago with the Avalanche. I’m not at all impressed with the third row jump seats. Has Stellantis gone all Diesel Brothers on us? Anyway, here’s an article about the concept EV pickup. What do you think?

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Late to the show so more gee gaws that won’t reach production.

If you must add a 3rd row, just make a Ram Suburban.

The truck has the same limitations all EV trucks have. Ludicrisly short towing range which removes one reason people buy trucks. Other than that, it has tne same appaeal as an electric Fiat…

Actually, an electric Fiat (sub-compact) would be far more appealing than a big, heavy pickup, which has poor range when empty, very poor range when towing, and poor payload capacity (compared to a gasoline/diesel model).

The GM EV-1 and Mitsubishi i-MiEV were ahead of their time, and people did not understand the benefit of having a “city car” at the time when they were marketed. A similarly-sized vehicle with similar range would likely succeed today, especially with the government subsidies which are available. I think people are ready to buy a compact EV to use as a secondary vehicle for “around town” trips, such as commuting to work, etc. to reduce–but not eliminate–reliance on fossil fuels.

People will always prefer a gasoline/diesel powered vehicle for long-distance trips, towing, and for carrying heavy loads. I really question the viability of electric pickups and huge SUVs, even with the government subsidies, and suspect that these will be a niche market at best. And of course, I can’t wait to see the uproar when state governments such as CA and NY try to ban new gasoline/diesel vehicles.

To whom? Vehicle buyers say differently as the best selling vehicles for decades have been trucks.

In 2021 the top three sellers were, the Ford F150, Ram Pickup and Chevy Silverado. They sold a combined 966,000 trucks. Number 4 was the RAV 4, an SUV.

Me, too! Some jobs just cannot be done with EVs.

How many sheets of 4X8 drywall can the Fiat haul?


Buy it at home depot and have it delivered.


I don’t dispute that EV pickup trucks may not be ideal for towing or for heavy hauling.

It’s worth noting, though, at least in my part of the world, that the vast majority of pickup trucks I see aren’t hauling anything, aren’t towing anything, and in fact, likely have never been off the pavement. I’m amazed at how many HD diesel pickups I see that aren’t hauling anything…while burning premium fuel.

Point being… the capabilities of all EVs more than likely will meet all the “actual” needs of the driver, instead of the rare 1% occasions some folks like to imagine (stuck in a snowstorm with the heater running, etc.).

You results may vary, though.

Buy it anywhere and have it delivered. We bought all the materials to rebuild our deck from a local one- off home goods store like Home Depot and they delivered.

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I have a pickup truck with an 8-foot cargo box and have never been asked to move drywall.

There is a Fiat EV in the employee parking lot, if I find the owner, I will ask about the drywall problem.

I don’t think you need a truck or jump seats, but a little help creating a title with ten characters.

Have to see what actually makes it to production. Jump seats sound like more of a gimmick than will actually be useful, at least for adults.

As far as delivery, anything can be delivered. Get a bicycle. Have everything delivered.

I own a truck. I drive it so rarely that I have to keep the battery disconnected when it’s not in use. Still, for about $500-600 a year in additional insurance costs, it makes sense to keep it around.

However, the idea of buying a new electric truck for upwards of $80k–even with government subsidies–when a Kia Rio/Hyundai Accent would be more appropriate for everyday use just does not compute. Will there be enough fools with more money than common sense to keep the electric truck market alive? Time will tell. I certainly would not buy any automaker stocks at this time.

Of course it does not compute . You are talking about apples and oranges . The full size EV truck buyer is not interested in a Rio or Accent unless it for one of their kids.


People enjoy spending money, not their own money, the banks money.
I have several co-workers that drove sedans but now drive $50,000 trucks. During the first 1000 miles they install a lift kit and oversized off road tires to assure the fuel economy is poor. Not a practical daily driver but people want apples one day and oranges the next.

A couple, if you cut them up.

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