Ram brakes

OK so I have a 97 ram 1500 and the brakes have been screwy since day one when I bought it used it pulls to the left under normal driving conditions like you start out in the right hand lane and end up in the left hand turning lane but if its raining or snowing it stops strait any help would be appreciated

More than likely your right caliper is stuck. Maybe your pins just need to be greased if you are lucky.

I agree with a sticky caliper. I sounds like one is weaker than the other, and when it rains and gets wet, this may be lubricating it. Years ago I had a Pontiac that was doing this, and to my surprise after driving through deep water, the brakes worked normally again… for a while. To be safe I’d replace both front calipers or you may just end up transferring the pull from one side to the other.