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2003 Ford E250 - Pulls when wet

My problem is the vehicle pulling sharply to the right when brakes are applied - but only when driving in rainy or wet conditions. Otherwise okay.
Several mechanics state no problem!

Are your tires of the same brand/model and wear uniformly?

Yes same brand and size and tread wear. Also have been rotated and
balanced. TX

Swap them left to right?

Yes left to right and front to back. Tx

My first guess would be a front brake line is internally damaged, missed by mechanics. If that’s not it then a still more thorough inspection of brakes. Then if problem continues, front suspension needs to be checked. Ball joints, tie rod, control arms.

Well that gives me a menu of items to pursue. I thank all who
responded and suggested remedies for this problem.

Neither of those ideas would explain why the problem is present only in wet weather.

If moving tires side-to-side does not result in problem moving to another side, I can not imagine anything but brake pads to get “wet” somehow, or something like this.

Another crazy idea: what if wet weather makes ABS sensors to read rotation intermittently and it results in ABS reducing pressure on one side?

If OP can find a safe place with some gravel on the roadway surface, the pattern left in the gravel during a braking test might provide some clues about which wheels are doing what. Pulling during braking is usually caused by one of the wheel’s brakes not working correctly, either grabbing, or not braking as forcefully as the other side. The complication of only occurring during wet weather is bit of a mystery at this point. Perhaps it has to do w/some contamination on the disc or drum surface that is exasperated by water.

If there’s a way to disable ABS (if equipped) as a test, that might provide a clue too.

My thoughts on the brake line restriction is when one side has a faulty line, it could cause one side to lock up before the other side. I would check the suspension just to rule out all contributing possibilities. I don’t think the ABS idea isn’t that crazy, especially if it only happens at slow speeds but it would usually send an ABS code at least intermittently.

at 16 years of age on that rubber hoses, I would consider replacing them just to be on the safe side… who knows if problem disappears in the same time

Without reading all the other comments, some brake pads when wet can perform poorly when first applied. I’d suspect new pads in the front would take care of the problem. I had a problem with a rear brake shoe actually locking the wheel when damp or wet for the first application in the morning. Fixed with new brake shoes.

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